Dr. Adah Kennon is the creator, producer and host of POSSIBILITIES with Dr. Adah Kennon. POSSIBILITIES appeared as an hour-long show of in-depth conversations with everyday people of all ages and from all walks of life  …  entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, veterans, arts and entertainment, sports, community leaders  … who believe, achieve and are now living their dreams. Episodes aired weekly at KLAV1230AM, Vegas All Net Radio.com (VANR), and most recently at wcobm.com. You can view past episodes via her      You Tube Channel. Appearances on the show are now available on an as contracted for basis. Contact Dr. Kennon for additional information (702) 658 - 9682 or skitldu@gmail.com.

Dr. Kennon holds five advanced degrees in the areas of Psychology, Education and Counseling (BA, 3 Master’s Degrees, PhD), and is also a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor and has been  trained as a Peritoneal Dialysis Self Care Provider. Dr. Kennon has been recognized in ICE Magazine (Inner Circle Executive Magazine for High Achieving Business Professionals, Continental Who’s Who, Autumn 2014) as a Pinnacle Professional, Top Professional Woman. She has been featured in Top 100 Industry Experts In America Magazine (National Association of Distinguished Professionals, Covington Who’s Who, 2013, First Quarter Edition, 2014). Never one to let green grass grow under her feet for too long, Dr. Kennon has also competed in body-building competitions (figures events), appeared as a run-way model for several charity events, and been featured in a body-building magazine. She enjoys traveling, gardening, and assisting her husband, Dr. Walter B. Hammond, with his stress management and self-hypnosis business. She has and continues to achieve her dreams, and enjoys motivating and encouraging others to do likewise, despite life obstacles. 


After working for 31 years in two states as a School Psychologist and Counselor (kindergarten through college levels), Dr. Adah Kennon, also known as Dr. Adah “See Ya Ladah” Kennon, entered the entertainment industry in 2012. She started her own business, SHEBA ENTERPRISES, and began to broaden her performance skill ability in the areas of acting and voice over acting.  Dr. Kennon gained broadcast skill experience on radio through her affiliations with several local radio stations where she delivered numerous PSA’s and commercials. Her creativity, maturity, organizational skills, dependability, ability to take direction, ability to work well with others, dedication to station projects and commitment to excellence were recognized by management and resulted in frequent assignments as show host.     In addition to her work in the studio, Dr. Kennon is recognized for her skills as an audio-book narrator and producer, collaborating with several authors to produce audio-books available through audible.com (acx.com).  She has gained a reputation as a voice over actor who can be counted on to deliver a “quality” product in a timely manner.  


Hello Dr. Kennon. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be a guest to represent Edgar Cayce and his workings during and even after his death. More people learn about him every year and find comfort in his service to others attitude. It appears to me that you too have a service to others attitude and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work for our beautiful state of Nevada.
Thanks again!

martin snodgrass


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                   OCT 31, 2015


Interview with Julianna Char on July 23, 2015  from "Soul Healing Sanctuary"  doing ThetaHealing