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SHOW DATE  January 21, 2014

TOPIC            Colds & Flu

LINKS             Easy To Prepare Homemade Cough Syrup

                              How to Make Homemade Cough Syrup

    › ... › Alternative Health ›Home 


                       Natural, Homemade Cough Remedies & Suppressants                             › Diseases and Conditions


SHOW DATE  January 28, 2014

TOPIC            Irritants

LINKS             Bad Vocal Habits Can Take Away The Power Of Your Voice                                                      

​                       Voice Care Center 

                      10 Tips for a Healthy Voice                                                                                                            

​SHOW DATE  February 11, 2014

TOPIC            Stress Management, Relaxation & Hypnosis

LINKS             Stress Management - How to Reduce, Prevent and Cope with                                                Stress


​                     Hypnosis: Who Will It Work For And Why Will It Work For                                                    Them

                      The Actor's Vocal Gift and the Voice-over Industry                                                                    

SHOW DATE  February 18, 2014

TOPIC            Hoarseness

LINKS             Voice Power: The Care and Feeding of the Professional Voice                                 

                      10 Tips for a Healthy Voice tips-                                                  healthy -voice.html

                      Evaluating Hoarseness: Keeping Your Patient's Voice Healthy                                   

                      Everything You Need To Know About Voice Loss and                                                             Hoarseness

                      Hoarseness Symptoms

SHOW DATE  February 25, 2014

TOPIC            Energy Flow & Your Home Recording Studio

LINKS            Feng Shui Your Studio

                      Feng Shui And Your Home Recording Studio                                                                 

                      Feng Shui for Artists - Clutter, Creativity and Feng Shui                               

                      Yin and Yang Meaning

                      Feng Shui - Wikipedia

                      Resources for Voice Over Home Studio

                      Auditioning In Your Home Recording Studio


SHOW DATEMarch 11, 2014

TOPIC           Impact Of Age On Voice

LINKS            Fact Sheet: The Voice and Aging

                      How Old Is Too Old For Voice Over?

SHOW DATEMarch 18, 2014

TOPIC           Be In Control

LINKS            Steven Horwich, Tips for Actors!

                      Psychological effects of method acting

                      The Ingredients of Great Acting

                      How to Show Real Emotion when Acting

SHOW DATEMarch 25, 2014

TOPIC           Pop Quiz

LINKS            The Benefits of Pop Quizzes

SHOW DATEApril 1, 2014

TOPIC           Why We Need Each Other

LINKS            How To Prepare For Your First Voice Over Studio Session                                         

                      Voice Over Studio Recording

                      Recording Studio

                      A Bad Work Environment Can Make You Sick

                      5 Etiquete Tips For Voiceover Actors Recording in  Studio                                          

                      Warning: Your Workplace Can Improve By Adding Joy. Yes, I                             Said  Joy

                      Cures For Negativity

                      Stress At Work


SHOW DATEApril 8, 2014


LINKS            TMJ Disorders

                      Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

                      What Throat Symptoms are Related to TMJ? 

                      Medical mystery robs voice-over artist of his voice, but he                                                 finds magic pill in Ambien

SHOW DATEApril 15, 2014

TOPIC           Balancing Work And Family Life

LINKS            Promoting Mental Health: Concepts, Emerging Evidence                                           

                      Balancing Work and Life. It's a Family Affair


SHOW DATEApril 22, 2014    

TOPIC           How Does Your Garden Grow  

LINKS            Astrology & Shamanic Healing

                      What Is Vocal Variety And Have You Got It?

                       Story Arts - The Voice as an Instrument


                      Man of a Thousand Voices

SHOW DATEApril 29, 2014

TOPIC           Happy Birthday - Taurus Voice Over Actor

LINKS            Houses of the Horoscope

                      Susan Miller's Guide To Surviving Eclipses

                      Astronomical Event 2014

                      Sky Maiden Musings

SHOW DATEMay 13, 2014

TOPIC            Top Qualities of Taurus Voice-Over Actors

LINKS             Are You On The Right Path                                     

                      The Top Eight Qualities of a Great Actor



SHOW DATE       May 20, 2014

TOPIC           Evaluation - Your Feedback is Important

LINKS            Voice Over Demos: Do's & Don'ts To Catch An Agent's Attention




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