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DR. ADAH F. KENNON (akaADAH “SeeYaLadah") My name is Adah F. Kennon, PhD. I was born in Houston, Texas.  I also lived in Northern California and Maryland prior to moving to Las Vegas in 1990 with my husband, DR. WALTER B. HAMMOND. Both of my parents were teachers, and I was an only child. Our extended family now includes four children between the ages of fourteen and twenty-two. We support two children who live in Africa and India through World Vision, and also contribute to local Las Vegas Charities for homeless and abused women. I’ve had my own share of challenges throughout my life, including being diagnosed with osteo-arthritis at the age of fifty and thyroid disease. But, I was determined to not let these ailments control me. I pressed on, and soon was proving to myself and the world that, through the grace of GOD, I could do anything, at any age. And, if I could do it, so could others. I especially enjoy sharing my story with women over age 50 to assist them with their own growth, development, and goal achievement. Acknowledging that I had come from a family that suffered many illnesses, including diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, high blood pressure, and hypertension, and the fact that my mom, although now passed, was a twelve-year breast cancer survivor, my “wake-up calls” proved to be nothing short of a positive influence on my life. I hold three Master’s degrees in the area of Psychology (Clinical, Educational, and Counseling). My Doctorate Degree in Philosophy was received from the Union Graduate Institute, and I also served as President of the Washington, D.C. Alumni Cluster. Prior to starting SHEBA ENTERPRISES, I worked for 30 years as a Licensed/Certified School Psychologist (kindergarten through grade twelve), a Counselor at the college level, and owned a business as a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor. However, after retiring as a School Psychologist, I wanted to do something a “little-bit” different. So, I entered the Entertainment Industry and began training as an actress and model in 2010, taking formal classes and workshops to sharpen my skills.

My acting career officially began with performances as extras in various films. Within just two years, I founded SHEBA ENTERPRISES. My professional title is Owner of SHEBA ENTERPRISES, where I accept assignments as an Actor (Theater, Film, Television), Voice-Over Actor (Radio, Television), Audiobook Narrator/Producer, Model, Event Planner and Motivational Speaker. I have had formal training as a model, have appeared in several area events, and body-building magazine advertisements (John Parrillo's Performance Press, November 2008, "Tips & Tidbits- Athlete Spotlight", http: My performance skill ability level has been broadened by taking numerous acting classes. My broadcast credits include acting as Host/Co-Host of a Radio Show (Vegas Voice Actors,, with a Feature Segment spotlight (“Snips and Snaps – Your Voice-Over Guide to Health and Fitness”).  I have Created/Produced and Hosted my own Radio Talk Show, POSSIBILITIES with Dr. Adah Kennon on KLAV1230AM, Vegas All Net (VANR), and My acting credits include: (Theater) “Those New Old Radio Days”; and, (Film/TV) “National Geographic-None of the Above”, “Now You See Me”, “Letters of Repercussion”. I have also done commercials and PSA’s for KLAV and KUNV (Nevada Broadcasters Association). I hold prior memberships in the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce (, and the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and am a member of the International Women’s Leadership Association (IWLA). I was selected as a “Top 100 Industry Expert in America” by Covington Who’s Who (National Association of Distinguished Professionals), and appeard in Top 100 Industry Experts in America Magazine, Fall 2014. I am also recognized as a “Pinnacle Professional, Top Professional Woman” in ICE Magazine (Inner Circle Executive Magazine for High Achieving Business Professionals, Continental Who’s Who, Autumn, 2014 ). I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (Member At Large), and hold professional certification as a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC, National Academy of Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselors). My hobbies and interests include travel, gardening, reading, exercise, writing, hypnosis, and home health care (emphasis on Peritoneal Dialysis Home Care). I also assist my husband in his self-hypnosis and stress-management business, DEVELOPMENT OF RELAXATION POWERS